Michael Jackson May Have Been Mistakenly Identified!!!

In this blog, I am going to talk about Michael Jackson’s death. I feel deep down in my heart that Michael Joe Jackson may have been mistakenly identified on his death date. The EMT’s could not recognize him and maybe the reason that the EMT’s could not recognize him was because it was not Michael Jackson and someone else. For Christmas one year, I received a tribute book called ” MICHAEL JACKSON A Tribute to the KING OF POP 1958-2009: PLATINUM EDITION COLLECTOR’S VAULT” published by Whitman Publishing and on page 5 where the tribute wall is, there is a picture of a young Michael Joe Jackson with a microphone in his hand covering the tribute wall and on that there is an interesting note that says “XRI$mith RiP Harlem! TWINS TOO!…” I contacted the publisher to ask what this meant and the publisher had no idea what it meant. What I think this means is that there was a mistake and that the right identification is Harlem Smith and that Harlem Smith has been generating all the income for Michael Jackson’s estate ever since. I feel that Michael Jackson is still alive and that someone else died in his place. This is just my opinion. People get mistakenly identified on their death dates. It happens rarely, but not most of the time. Here is the picture so you can see what I am talking about.

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