Michael Jackson Showed Up At A Dance Competition!!!

I know the title to this blog sounds a little weird. But, I have something to share from my own personal experience. My father and I went to Rose State College in Midwest City, OK for a dance competition my sister, Geena, was competing in called “Encore” in April of 2012. After watching the competition for a little bit, I turned my eyes up to the balcony. My eyes concentrated on a man that looked exactly like Michael Jackson. It was Michael Jackson. He was sitting between two kids there. I was thinking, “Michael Jackson!!! What in the world is he doing here at this dance competition when he is supposed to be dead?” I was the only one who saw him with my own two eyes. Other people did not notice because they were watching the dancers perform. By the way, Michael had his sunglasses on and was wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt, black pants, and a black jacket that looked like a woman’s jacket. Michael Jackson has relatives in Oklahoma so he easily could have been there to see one of his relatives perform. Anyways, that was my experience and I hope you believe me.

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