Michael Joe Jackson Was Mistakenly Identified on His Death Date!!!

On June 25, 2009, we all learned that Michael Jackson passed away from the media. The truth is that Michael Joe Jackson did not die that day but was mistakenly identified instead. Michael Jackson pulled a Whitney Cerak on all of us. I believe that the real Michael Joe Jackson is alive and that someone who looked like him but was not him died instead. Michael Jackson was supposedly positively identified by visual comparison to his driver’s license. He has a mother, father, eight brothers and sisters, three children, and many nieces and nephews that could have positively identified him by saying whether that was Michael or not just by looking at him. But he had to be identified positively by a driver’s license. Nowhere in the autopsy report does it say say he was positively identified by family and friends, but it says a driver’s license instead. That could have been anybody that died in Michael Jackson’s house. Visual Comparison by a driver’s license is not enough for a positive identification. There should have been a dental record check and DNA testing to see if that was really Michael Joe Jackson that died. I believe that if the patient that died in Michael Jackson’s house was identified by Michael Jackson’s dental records, we would find out that it was not Michael Joe Jackson that died but someone else. This right here would prove my point that Michael Joe Jackson was mistakenly identified on his death date. All I can say is that we are not being told the truth about what really happened on June 25, 2009 and I pray that God will reveal the truth. I know that God knows that Michael Joe Jackson is alive and that He has him somewhere safe so Michael Joe Jackson can get the healing that he desperately needed in his life.

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