Michael Joe Jackson Switched Places With A Dead Man!!!


On June 25, 2009, Michael Joe Jackson switched places with a dead man. The dead man was obviously believed to be Michael Jackson when in fact it was not because at least one paramedic did not recognize the body to be Michael Jackson’s. The real Michael Joe Jackson escaped that day and flew on a unmarked private lear jet that departed LAX two hours after the death announcement to a safe place that God provided him where he can get his healing. Once Michael Joe Jackson is healed to a certain point and delivered from all the bondage he was in, God will reveal that Michael Joe Jackson is alive and he will come back as a new man. When he does come back, I hope he sues the media for lying about his death and other lies that were told. This way the media will be corrected in how they tell their stories. As I said in a previous blog, Michael Joe Jackson pulled a Whitney Cerak.

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