My Prayers For Michael Joe Jackson!!!

         Well, we all know about what happened to Michael Jackson. I just want to say a few things!!! I want to reveal what God showed me about Michael before he went to be with Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Now, when I say Michael went to be with Jesus, it could mean a number of things. Not necessarily being with the Lord in heaven. It could mean Michael is with Jesus in a very strong relationship. To start this off, let me just tell you that I love God with all my heart. When I was a little girl, I used to be a fan of Michael Jackson. At least ten months ago, the Lord really laid it on my heart to pray for Michael Jackson. There was a reason and a purpose on why God wanted me to pray for him. God wanted me to intercede for him because I had a heart of intercession. He put in my heart to be a person devoted to prayer. Now, I struggled with what God was laying on my heart to do because when I was a child before I came to know Jesus and God in a personal relationship, I looked up to Michael Jackson as an idol. After I became a Christian, the Holy Spirit convicted me of idolatry and to really give my idols up to the Lord so I would not worship them like I worship God. So, after 9 years of being a Christian, the Lord asks me to pray for Michael Jackson. I struggled because I was thinking I was going to commit idolatry. I did not want to do that. I told God I pray for Michael Jackson as long as I did not commit idolatry worshipping him like I worship God. In my prayer time, I prayed to see Michael as a child of God that He created to ultimately be with Him. I looked past all of the fame, fortune, and entertainment he had done and saw him as a child whom God created and loved to be with.

         When the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to pray for Michael Jackson, the Lord told me that He set up a plan to divinely intervene in his life. During my prayers for Michael, the Lord laid it on my heart to pray and believe God for his complete salvation and healing. I prayed that God save Michael completely. He revealed to me that Michael had a desire for healing. I knew Michael had a desire to see others healed, especially children, but God told me that Michael was not completely getting healing for himself. I prayed to God asking Him to put a desire in Michael’s heart to see himself healed and to believe God and Jesus for his healing. I prayed for Jesus to come and heal him of all of his physical sicknesses. Not only did I pray for healing of his physical sicknesses, I prayed for the rest of his complete healing. I prayed to Jesus to heal him spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and relationally. I prayed for Michael’s total healing. When I prayed for his healing, I prayed that his doctors witness it with a hoping expectation that a physical manifestation of his healing on this earth occur when he is alive and for his doctors to be shocked at it. However, as I prayed for his healing, the Lord revealed to me that there were people in Michael Jackson’s life that were not bringing him the healing he needed and that these people in his life would be revealed in time and soon. I prayed that God put the right people in his life in order for him to receive his healing and if any circumstance arose where this could not happen, that Jesus intervene along with His angels to bring his complete salvation and total healing to him. Along with praying for his healing, the Lord also revealed to me that Michael is in bondage to something. I prayed for God to supernaturally break the chains of bondage in his life delivering him from whatever bondage he may be in and to set him free.

          After praying for Michael’s healing and deliverance, God revealed to me something about Michael Jackson’s music. He revealed to me that He love to see Michael’s music more spiritual. He showed me that Michael will have a desire to make spiritual music. I prayed that if it is God’s will for Michael to make his music more spiritual, that God put that desire in his heart. I prayed that this music will glorify the Lord. I also prayed that if Jesus had anybody to make spiritual, heavenly music with him, that that person be Michael Jackson. As a person praying for Michael’s music, I had a God-given desire to see him make music that glorified the Lord and to see him make music with Jesus Christ.

          In March 2009, I heard Michael announce his concerts. I prayed about it asking God that if He wanted Michael to do this, that He will allow him to go through with this if it is His will. However, after praying this, I felt God revealing to me that He did not want to see Michael go through all the pressure he had in his life. I realized that God is going to divinely intervene in Michael’s life and shift things in a totally different direction. The LORD also made it clear to me that He was preparing Michael Jackson to be with him.

          In April or May 2009, my sister comes to me saying Michael Jackson passed away and it is all over the news. I turned on the TV and there was nothing. I thought she was joking. However, I took it serious enough to actually pray to God about it. I prayed that if it is His will for this to occur in order for Michael Jackson to be with Jesus and to receive his complete healing, that he prepare him for this and that he prepare my heart for it so I won’t be shocked when I hear it. I knew God was going to send shockwaves throughout the earth when this occurred. I realized God was going to take Michael away to a  safe place where he can have his complete and total healing at a time of death that seems untimely and sudden to man realizing at the time when Michael went away to be with Jesus would be God’s timing. Knowing this, I knew God will allow Michael to spend eternity with Jesus in His time. Also, I also want to make it clear that the Lord told me Michael would not die. He told me that Michael will live.

           After finding out that Michael Jackson died, I realized that God did His plan of intervening in his life and Jesus fulfilled every single prayer that I prayed for Michael Jackson. He completely healed him, delivered him, set him free, put a desire in his heart for spiritual music in order to make spiritual, heavenly music with him, prepared Michael to be with Jesus, truly decided to take him away to be with him, and to ultimately allow him to spend eternity with the Lord in heaven.

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