I May Be African-American!!!

As you know, I have had lab work done on the metabolic part. On some lab work that I had done, it showed that I had a GFR of >60 that took my race into consideration and assumed I was non-African American. Well, my PCP in Tuttle, Oklahoma did another comprehensive metabolic panel through my blood, which is an A+, without considering my race and what came back was an eGFR African-American of 91 and an eGFR number of Non-African American that was less than the African American one. This may be the reason the Lord told me to pray for Michael Jackson as I have known about this for years. Please pray for me as I am transferring my AncestryDNA results to Family Tree DNA and taking the Family Finder test with Family Tree DNA.  So far, I know that what I believed about my ethnicity is a lie according to AncestryDNA results. By the way, AncestryDNA did not detect Irish. AncestryDNA also did not match me up against my grandparents who were Raymond B. Weber and Judith Wyatt. The Lord will reveal to me who the other woman was that gave birth on March 3, 1983 in the same facility in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany as Julia Ann Weber. If my DNA gets tested up against Michael Jackson’s DNA to see if I have African American Heritage, it could show a potential match. I know that Family Tree DNA does not have Michael Jackson’s DNA but if one of his relatives tests with the company, it could show a potential match. All I want to find out is if I have African American Heritage. God bless.















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