I Might Have a Biological Father That Is African American!

Anyways, the Lord told me that I have a father who is African American. I am not telling this to the mom and dad who raised me. From the medical lab work to the DNA testing is just bringing confirmation about this. The medical lab work stated that I had an eGFR African American of 91. On my Ancestry DNA results, I am related to some black people. They do not have their pictures up though. The church confirmed that a baby gets its blood from the father, not the mother. In my blood, I was showing an eGFR African American >60 and an eGFR Non-African American >60. This means that I might have a Biological Father who is African American. There must have been a mistake in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany where I was born on March 3, 1983. The birth records that I received from the Military Archives under the name Kelly Ann Hadjiconstantinou said there was an error reported to the doctor. I wonder if that error was me being switched at birth. There was another woman giving birth in the same facility on the same day as Julia Ann Weber. The other woman that was giving birth on the same day in the same place as the mother that raised me was someone famous.

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