Who Really Died In Michael Jackson’s House on 6/25/2009?


Everyone believed that it was Michael Joe Jackson that died on 6/25/2009. However, I am here to tell you that that was not him and someone else. First off, the person that died had a terminal illness. Michael Jackson did not have a terminal illness. He had vitiligo, lupus, and arthritis. Secondly, the person that died had tattoos on his scalp. Michael Jackson had scars on his scalp from the Pepsi burns. Nowhere in the autopsy report does it mention lupus or the scars that were on Michael Jackson’s scalp. Michael Jackson also had an appendectomy. Nowhere in the autopsy report does it mention a missing appendix. These are indicators that the autopsy report belongs to someone else and not to Michael Joe Jackson. Finally, it is heavily rumored that the man that died in Michael Jackson’s house was a 47 year old Romanian by the name of Dimitrie Dragheciscu. I believe this is a great possibility. The only way this can be proven is if Katherine Jackson requests a forensic dentist to get a much more positive identification. I believe this will be done in secret and not exposed to the media. Also, the DNA needs to be checked. Michael Jackson submitted a live DNA sample around his 2005 trial.  His DNA needs to be compared to the DNA of the decedent in his house to see if it was really Michael Joe Jackson. If there is not a match on the dental records and the DNA does not match, that tells me Michael Jackson was wrongly or mistakenly identified on his death date. Hopefully, Michael Jackson’s death case will be solved once a forensic dentist and DNA specialist are called in. God bless.

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