Michael Joe Jackson’s Message To His Fans!!!!

Michael Joe Jackson is very much alive. He admits that he made a mistake on June 25, 2009 by staging his death. He just wanted to live a normal life. He could never live a normal life in the celebrity fishbowl he was in. He sends this message to his fans: “i’m deeply sorry to my fans. I know i’ve done wrong, and i’m never going to do this again. But i was so tired of the MEDIA always following me around, and i could never hide anywhere. I just want to be a normal person, for once.I dont want to quit singing, or dancing but i know that i can never be normal until i do. I just would like to say, im sorry to my fans, all of them. To those at my concerts, or not. To those who love me without seeing the truth, or not. Also i have ‘thrown’ out my medication and will never see or go near none-the-less touch any more medication again. I’m sorry.” According to this message Michael sent out for everyone to read, he wanted to live a normal life. I can tell you now that you will no longer find the media following him around as he receives Social Security payments from his second Social Security number. I really think all the lies the media told about him really got to Michael and that is what pressured him into faking his own death. I hope you guys understand that he is still alive and not dead. By staging his death, it was his way of retiring and is now receiving Social Security payments. I saw Michael at a dance competition and he was very normal. 

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