Heard Michael Jackson Speaking to Me in My Sleep!!!

A little while after the news announcement of Michael Jackson's death, the Lord gave me a vision of Michael coming to my house and started speaking to me in my sleep. I can't recall all that he said to me but I knew he was thanking me for praying for him. This occurred while I was sleeping. I prayed for him because God told me to pray for him. I know that the Lord truly wanted to heal him of vitiligo and discoid lupus that entered his life because of the generational curses and sins that ran in his family tree. All of my prayers were from the heart because I genuinely believed that God was going to heal him completely in a safe place. I think his death was a case of mistaken identity and that the right identification was Harlem Smith, not Dimitrie Dragheciscu or Michael Joseph Jackson. I have known for years that it was Harlem that died in his place. I will even go to court and say this because I am one of Michael Jackson's godchildren. As far as the one that spoke to me, it was Marlon Jackson's stillborn twin brother, Brandon, who was renamed Michael in heaven.

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