Pearl Jr. Thinks The Dead Body in Michael Jackson’s Resting Place is Carlton Austin Guy!!!

Well, if you look for Michael Jackson by searching his case number in the LA County Coroner database, you will not find him listed on there. There is, however, an unclaimed person by the name of Carlton Austin Guy that has the alias name, Michael Jackson. This is exactly who Pearl Jr. thinks is in Michael Joseph Jackson’s grave. I disagree. I think it is a person by the name of Harlem Smith. Why else would Michael Jackson release a picture of the true identity of the decedent that died in his place in a tribute book published by Whitman Publishing? The decedent that died in Michael Jackson’s house simply was not him. God bless.

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  1. I did look up Michael Jackson is the LaCounty Coroners office and it is true he is not listed there. then I looked up carlton guy and his case number 2007-08947 and he came up! I believe that Michael is alive somewhere. I hope that he is happy wherever he is. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL! GOD BLESS YOU.

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