Related To Izabel Jace Hanson and an Evelyn Hanson!!!

I did an autosomal DNA test with Family Tree DNA and found out that I was related to an Izabel Jace Hanson in 4th to remote cousin range and an Evelyn Hanson in the 5th to remote cousin range. These people were an X-match to me. I have learned that the X-match is coming from the male maternal side. By the way, I have the email addresses that Family Tree DNA gave me to get in contact with the relatives of these people. Izabel Jace Hanson is still alive and Evelyn Hanson passed away in Montana. Evelyn Hanson’s whole name is Evelyn Geneva Hanson Brandvold whose mother was Julia Walker. I think Julia Walker is the older sister of Mildred Viroqua Walker. Because the DNA is showing Evelyn Geneva Hanson to be my 5th to remote cousin, it makes her mother and her sister my fourth to remote cousin. The Hanson in Izabel Jace’s name is her married name while the Hanson in Evelyn’s name is her maiden name. How Family Tree DNA got her DNA, I have no idea. By the way, in case some of you do not know what an autosomal DNA test is, let me tell you: An autosomal DNA test looks at the entire genome besides the sex chromosomes. Family Tree DNA announced X-matching in their Family Finder test.  I hope this explains a lot to you about what this kind of test is in the world. I have saved the chromosome data of these two people and how they matched up to me. In the picture below, you will see how I matched up with Evelyn Hanson whose mother was Julia Walker.

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