James Brown Was Michael Joe Jackson’s Major Influence!!!

Michael Joe Jackson was heavily influenced by James Brown, not Elvis. Michael Jackson was not a big fan of Elvis Presley. He did say in his book that the death of Elvis was quite interesting. The Lisa Marie Presley Michael Jackson met as a little girl was the one with a full face and blonde hair. The Lisa Marie he married is not the little girl he met. The Real Lisa Marie Presley was switched and had her name changed leaving the spotlight after Elvis Presley’s alleged death. In one of my previous posts, I have shown you the real Lisa Marie and the stand-in Lisa Marie. Michael Jackson married the stand-in Lisa Marie, not Elvis’s biological daughter. The Real Lisa Marie Presley commented on this blog stating that the person filling in for her took it way too far and that she has to go. The Real Lisa Marie Presley has a Master’s degree and is not a druggie that the press portrays her as in this world.

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