Elvis Aron Presley Would Be A Preacher If He Were Alive!!!

If Elvis Presley were alive today, he would be a preacher of a Pentecostal Church affiliated with the Assemblies of God because that was the denomination he grew up in. Also, Elvis Presley had more than one sibling. His identical brother was Jesse Garon Presley and his fraternal brother was named Clayton Presley. He also had another brother named Franklin Presley. This brother was born in 1942. I have seen photographs of Elvis in Germany with someone that looks like Clayton. I have also seen pictures of Elvis’s identical brother known as Jesse because he has brown eyes. Elvis Presley has blue eyes. As far as Lisa Marie is concerned, the real one left the spotlight after Elvis’s death being switched with one of the daughters of Elvis Presley’s brothers that filled in for the real Lisa Marie. I believe the Lisa Marie the public knows is the daughter of Jesse Garon Presley, not Elvis. 

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