About Kelly Ann!!!

Kelly Ann Hadjiconstantinou is an excellent writer from a small town in Oklahoma who is one of the many godchildren of Michael Joe Jackson and a remote cousin to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson. Before Michael Joe Jackson’s tragedy that occurred on June 25, 2009, she interceded and prayed for him as she stood in the gap for him faithfully. She never gave up on Michael Joe Jackson as she fervently interceded for him. God placed this assignment on her. Jesus gave her this assignment. Not only did she just pray for Michael Joe Jackson, she also established an intercessory team for him on his behalf to pray for him constantly and not to give up on him in any of their prayers. She believed that whatever God told Michael Joe Jackson’s intercessors to pray for, that is what they needed to really pray for. Anyways, her heart is to let people know the 100% accurate truth about him so people will know what is the truth and not be entangled, deceived, and brainwashed by the lies the media told about him all his life. She prays that people will open their blind eyes, be awakened, and see what the truth really is for what the truth really is.

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