Will Be Up For Sale in January 2018!!!

As the owner of this blog and the domain, I have decided to sell through Flippa beginning in January 2018. The reason I am selling is because I want the domain to be owned by someone who really knew Michael Jackson and one that can really tell the absolute truth about Michael Joe Jackson by creating an online documentary about Michael Joe Jackson who is the original Thriller singer. God bless.

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Michael Jackson’s Body Double Died In Michael Jackson’s Place!!!

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson’s Body Double who went by the name Harlem Smith died in Michael Jackson’s place. I have posted a picture on this site that reveals this name. The picture came from a posthumous Michael Jackson tribute book published by Whitman Publishing that was released on August 25, 2009. The picture was uncredited. Do I think the picture reveals the true identity of the decedent? Probably so because the handwriting on the picture looks like the real Michael Jackson’s handwriting. If DNA tests prove that the decedent was Harlem Smith, will the United States Government clear Michael Jackson’s death and will Michael Jackson ever return to the spotlight?

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Michael Jackson’s Father Might Have Boxed My Great, Great Uncle Known As Bill Wilson!!!

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, might have boxed my great, great uncle Bill Wilson. Both of these people boxed around the same time. My great, great uncle Bill boxed in the 1940’s to the early 1950’s. My great, great uncle Bill also boxed in the San Francisco Golden Gloves. Bill had a brother and a sister that lived in California. My family is waiting to receive boxing pictures of Bill Wilson who was born December 19,1929.

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Brandon Jackson, Marlon Jackson’s Twin Brother, Sings Like Michael Jackson!!!

Brandon Jackson, Marlon Jackson’s twin brother, sings like Michael Jackson in Heaven. It was Brandon’s singing voice that led the angelic choir in the heavenly rendition of Heal The World. Also, Brandon Jackson was given a new name by God when he got to heaven. Brandon Jackson goes by the name Michael in Heaven. The Holy Bible says that a believer in Christ who is an overcomer will be given a new name that is written on a precious stone.

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The Michael Jackson In Heaven Is Really Brandon Jackson!!!

A lot of high-profile Christians have stated emphatically that Michael Jackson is in heaven. However, I believe the Michael Jackson in heaven is really Marlon Jackson’s twin brother, Brandon Jackson, who had his name changed to Michael Jackson ¬†when he got to heaven. God gives people new names when they get to heaven. There is even a book called “Michael Jackson Speaks From Heaven” by Matthew Robert Payne being sold on Amazon. This guy claims that Michael Jackson visited him from heaven. When you die and enter the gates of heaven, you forget about Earth and your beloved family on Earth as you have relatives up in heaven that you will be spending your time with. His book is a clear example of spiritism. Human beings that have passed on do not visit people on Earth after their gone. Like I said, I think the Michael Jackson in heaven is Marlon Jackson’s stillborn twin brother who was given the new name Michael Jackson by God and that was the heavenly singing voice I heard leading the angels in heaven to the heavenly rendition of “Heal The World”.

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I Performed To Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin” In My First Tap Performance!!!

When I was a tap dancer at Champion Dance Studios in El Paso, Texas, the first tap performance I did was to Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin”. Candy was my teacher. As I was doing the recital, I looked at my teacher to follow the moves. I was only 5. The reality is I did do that performance. The four years I took of tap dancing really helped me learn the basic tap steps. From eighth to 11th grade, I did dance at Applause Studios. I backed off from dancing because I did not make a tryout one year. If I had a job, I will work at a dance studio as a receptionist registering dance students for classes.

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IHeart Radio Has Changed Michael Jackson’s Bio!!!

IHeart Radio who has a Michael Jackson radio station has changed the King of Pop’s bio. They shortened it tremendously and took off all death related stuff that was on his bio. I do not know if Michael Jackson’s bio was changed by someone who hacked into their ¬†system. Since IHeart Radio removed the death date, it makes me wonder if Michael Jackson’s death was a case of mistaken identity.

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Michael Joe Jackson Is The Master of Disguises!!!

Michael Jackson is the master of disguises. He loves to fool people by wearing a disguise that makes him unrecognizable to people. When he was officially alive, he wore many of these disguises to fool people. After his alleged death, he still wears disguises where nobody can recognize him. He does this because he is a joker. Michael Jackson is the best when it comes to wearing disguises. 

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Michael Jackson’s first marriage occurred when he was 35 years old!!!

Michael Jackson's first marriage occurred when he was 35 in 1994 to the widow's peak Lisa Marie Presley who is not Elvis's real daughter. The Real Lisa Marie Presley does not have a widow's peak. She did not have one as a child either because Elvis and Priscilla do not have widow's peaks. After Elvis Presley allegedly died, the Real Lisa Marie was switched having her name changed. I have shown you in a previous blog the Real Lisa Marie and her body double. All these years, the press interviewed Lisa Marie's stand-in, not the actual biological daughter of Elvis. 

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Michael Jackson Did Not Feature Hanson During His 30th Anniversary Concert!!!

The King of Pop did not feature Hanson as a part of His thirtieth anniversary concert. Can anybody please explain to me why Michael Jackson did not include them in his concert? They come from Tulsa, Oklahoma where some of Michael Jackson’s relatives reside. Michael Jackson has a first cousin, once removed named Maurice Jackson who owns Jack’s Memory Chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All of my friends are Michael Jackson’s relatives in Oklahoma and most of them are black.

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