Please Pray For Ava Louise Frejo!!!

Please pray for Ava Louise Frejo. She is my niece and was born October 31, 2013. She fusses a lot and she is 3 years old. I am getting tired of all of the crying she does. Please pray that God will deliver her from her fussiness. She fusses whenever she does not get her way. Please pray that God will deliver her from a bossy spirit.

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Michael Jackson Commented On This Blog!!!

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, commented on my blog talking about himself. He said that Michael Jackson is not listed in the LA County Coroner Database and that Carlton Austin Guy was listed. Michael Jackson gave me a comment suggesting the person that died in his place was not even him.

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James Brown Was Michael Joe Jackson’s Major Influence!!!

Michael Joe Jackson was heavily influenced by James Brown, not Elvis. Michael Jackson was not a big fan of Elvis Presley. He did say in his book that the death of Elvis was quite interesting. The Lisa Marie Presley Michael Jackson met as a little girl was the one with a full face and blonde hair. The Lisa Marie he married is not the little girl he met. The Real Lisa Marie Presley was switched and had her name changed leaving the spotlight after Elvis Presley’s alleged death. In one of my previous posts, I have shown you the real Lisa Marie and the stand-in Lisa Marie. Michael Jackson married the stand-in Lisa Marie, not Elvis’s biological daughter. The Real Lisa Marie Presley commented on this blog stating that the person filling in for her took it way too far and that she has to go. The Real Lisa Marie Presley has a Master’s degree and is not a druggie that the press portrays her as in this world.

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Not Every Single One of Michael Joe Jackson’s Godchildren Are Famous!!!

Michael Joe Jackson does have a lot of Godchildren. However, there are a lot of them that are not famous in the spotlight. They grew up very normal lives away from the spotlight. As I said before, Michael Jackson loved children. It is very probable that in the countries he visited, he became the Godfather to the children he was impressed with.

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 August 29, 1983!!!

On August 29, 1983, Michael Joe Jackson became my godfather because that was when my infant baptism took place. 16 years later on August 29, 1999, I got a regular water baptism in a Pentecostal Church. Both of my baptisms correspond with one another. I have told you the truth and I will honor Michael Jackson’s legacy.

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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Has Godchildren in the Foreign Nations He Visited On This Earth!!!

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has Godchildren in the various foreign nations he visited on this Earth. Knowing that he loved children and visited so many orphanages and hospitals, this should not come as a surprise. It is the opinion of this blogger that Michael Jackson has at least 100 godchildren.

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Related To Izabel Jace Hanson and an Evelyn Hanson!!!

I did an autosomal DNA test with Family Tree DNA and found out that I was related to an Izabel Jace Hanson in 4th to remote cousin range and an Evelyn Hanson in the 5th to remote cousin range. These people were an X-match to me. I have learned that the X-match is coming from the male maternal side. By the way, I have the email addresses that Family Tree DNA gave me to get in contact with the relatives of these people. Izabel Jace Hanson is still alive and Evelyn Hanson passed away in Montana. Evelyn Hanson’s whole name is Evelyn Geneva Hanson Brandvold whose mother was Julia Walker. I think Julia Walker is the older sister of Mildred Viroqua Walker. Because the DNA is showing Evelyn Geneva Hanson to be my 5th to remote cousin, it makes her mother and her sister my fourth to remote cousin. The Hanson in Izabel Jace’s name is her married name while the Hanson in Evelyn’s name is her maiden name. How Family Tree DNA got her DNA, I have no idea. By the way, in case some of you do not know what an autosomal DNA test is, let me tell you: An autosomal DNA test looks at the entire genome besides the sex chromosomes. Family Tree DNA announced X-matching in their Family Finder test.  I hope this explains a lot to you about what this kind of test is in the world. I have saved the chromosome data of these two people and how they matched up to me. In the picture below, you will see how I matched up with Evelyn Hanson whose mother was Julia Walker.

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The Real Michael Joe Jackson Left the Spotlight After His Success With Thriller!!!!

After Michael Joe Jackson’s success with Thriller, he left the spotlight and used a stand-in to fill in for him in music videos and public appearances when he could not do it. He also used stand-ins to fool the people who worked with him on his concert tours. It is very possible that Michael Jackson also had a stand-in to fill in for him at interviews when he could not do it.

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The Real Michael Joe Jackson!!!

Real Michael Jackson

Here is a photo of the real Michael Joe Jackson who is black. I believe the black Michael Joe Jackson is still alive. The white Michael Jackson was the black Michael Jackson’s double and stand-in. I hope this explains a lot. Michael Jackson had a stand-in to fill in for him at public appearances if he couldn’t make it.

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Please Pray For Michael Joe Jackson’s Kids!!!

Please pray that God will save Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II. Pray that they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that they will experience full deliverance from all of the generational sins and curses that run in their family tree. Please pray that they will attend a church they like and not become a part of the Jehovah Witnesses as they do not believe in the full diety of Jesus Christ. I believe the reason Michael Jackson’s first two kids were so white when they were born is because they suffer from a rare skin condition called Albinism. This explains why their skin color does not look black. Pray for them no matter what.

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