Michael Jackson Did Not Feature Hanson During His 30th Anniversary Concert!!!

The King of Pop did not feature Hanson as a part of His thirtieth anniversary concert. Can anybody please explain to me why Michael Jackson did not include them in his concert? They come from Tulsa, Oklahoma where some of Michael Jackson’s relatives reside. Michael Jackson has a first cousin, once removed named Maurice Jackson who owns Jack’s Memory Chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All of my friends are Michael Jackson’s relatives in Oklahoma and most of them are black.

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Hanson Sang “Rockin’ Robin” during the Acoustic Storytellers Lecture at Hanson Day!!!

I just found out that Hanson covered Michael Jackson’s song “Rockin’ Robin” at the Acoustic Storytellers Lecture during Hanson Day. The band may have sang that song because the King of Pop who is my godfather may have been there in disguise. Michael Jackson became my godfather in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany on August 29, 1983 because that is when my infant baptism took place.

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Michael Jackson Copied My Dance Move That I Created!!!

As I was watching Michael Jackson perform during one of his concerts, he copied my dance move that I performed to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” song during my sixth grade talent show at Walter E.Clarke Middle School in El Paso, Texas. This occurred in the Spring of 1996 before Michael Jackson went on his History World Tour. Michael Jackson found out about my performance and had someone from his camp to come watch me perform and record it on video. The dance move that I did in my performance is the “Side Moonwalk”. It was not the backwards “Moonwalk” that Michael Jackson frequently performed. 

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There Needs To Be A Movie Based On Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk”!!!

If there was ever to be a true film about Michael Jackson in movie theaters, it would be based on Michael Jackson’s autobiography known as “Moonwalk”. I believe MJ’s estate will approve of a movie to be made about Michael Jackson if it is based on his autobiography. I believe there needs to be a movie based on Michael Jackson’s autobiography. 

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┬áDr. Conrad Murray Said On Dr. Oz that the Dead Body of Michael Jackson Was Not The Same Person He Saw After Getting Back Into The Room!

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, admitted on Dr. Oz that the dead body of Michael Jackson was not the same person he saw after getting back into the room. By saying this on Dr. Oz, he was indicating that Michael Jackson’s death was a high profile case of mistaken identity. I think by stating this on the Dr. Oz show, Conrad Murray was saying that the dead body was not Michael Jackson and someone else. I have posted on this blog who I thought it might be: Harlem Smith!!! Pearl Jr. thinks the person is Carlton Austin Guy according to the LA County Coroner’s website. However, I think it is Harlem. Why else would a Michael Jackson tribute book that came out on August 25, 2009 state this name on a photo of Michael Jackson when he was a little boy? 

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Elvis Aron Presley Would Be A Preacher If He Were Alive!!!

If Elvis Presley were alive today, he would be a preacher of a Pentecostal Church affiliated with the Assemblies of God because that was the denomination he grew up in. Also, Elvis Presley had more than one sibling. His identical brother was Jesse Garon Presley and his fraternal brother was named Clayton Presley. He also had another brother named Franklin Presley. This brother was born in 1942. I have seen photographs of Elvis in Germany with someone that looks like Clayton. I have also seen pictures of Elvis’s identical brother known as Jesse because he has brown eyes. Elvis Presley has blue eyes. As far as Lisa Marie is concerned, the real one left the spotlight after Elvis’s death being switched with one of the daughters of Elvis Presley’s brothers that filled in for the real Lisa Marie. I believe the Lisa Marie the public knows is the daughter of Jesse Garon Presley, not Elvis. 

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Michael Joe Jackson Staged a Death That Looked Like a Murder!!!

Everyone knows that Michael Jackson left notes suggesting that he was going to be murdered and killed by people who were more powerful than him. However, the truth is that Michael Jackson staged his death to look like a murder took place. He did this by allowing his personal physician, Conrad Murray, to kill someone that looked like Michael Jackson, but was not Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, who is still very much alive, escaped on June 25, 2009 on an unmarked lear jet to an unknown destination as he entered the Federal Witness Protection Program. He is in the program along with Elvis Presley and the real Lisa Marie who he did not marry in 1994. Was the death in Michael Jackson’s house a murder? Yes. It just was not on Michael Joe Jackson, but someone else.

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Elvis Presley’s Relative, Morning Dove White, Was a Full-Blood Cherokee Indian!!

Elvis Presley’s relative, Morning Dove White, was a Full-blooded Cherokee Indian. I wonder who her relatives are.

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During Michael Jackson’s Lifetime, He Did Not Own a Performing Rights Organization!!!

When Michael Jackson was alive, he did not own a performing rights organization. Should he have owned one? Absolutely. However, Michael Jackson just never got around to establishing one during his lifetime on Earth. So, in honor of Michael Jackson’s legacy, I have decided to establish a Christian-based performing rights organization that will allow music artists to retain all of their rights to the music they created and to give them freedom by not binding them to a contract that will take away their freedom. The contract for the performing rights organization I want to establish will give music artists their freedom back and give them all of their rights that they need to have. Also, this contract will be easy to understand and not full of legal language.

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Please Pray For Ava Louise Frejo!!!

Please pray for Ava Louise Frejo. She is my niece and was born October 31, 2013. She fusses a lot and she is 3 years old. I am getting tired of all of the crying she does. Please pray that God will deliver her from her fussiness. She fusses whenever she does not get her way. Please pray that God will deliver her from a bossy spirit.

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